Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Greens Galore

I had a request for some greens from a fellow hooker, so I spent some time in the dyepots recently. Greens sure do have a lot of blue in them, blue that likes to make it self known!

Anyway, I got a nice batch of greens. As I was taking pictures of the wool, I decided to pair it up with nature scenes. What fun to find just the right photo and match it with the greens I dyed. Here is what I did.


Kim said...

Wow, The wool is gorgeous and looks even more amazing paired with the photos.

Robin said...

What a cool idea! Love the photos and such lovely shades. Used to love dyeing mottled greens and spots for rug hooking. Don't think I ever used a solid green. Couldn't resist adding something to it.

Kim said...

Hi, Re: your question on my blog about the wool/yarn - I purchased it at Deanne Fitzpatrick's studio. I think it can be ordered on-line from Deanne also. It is from the "Fleece Artist" in Nova Scotia. The website is
It really is gorgeous.
Kim @ Millies Mats