Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A garden and a book...

Here's my little slice of heaven:

One of many bookshelves scattered throughout the house. (The hooked rug on the floor was part of a Gene Shepard blog challenge several years ago.)

And outside, we enjoy the garden and pool for a few short summer months.

Hope your summer is going well. I see some hints of color on the maple trees. You know what that means!!

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Book Recommendation

Here is a quick post to recommend a collection of short stories that I just finished. The Last Animalby Abby Geni is a fabulous collection of stories centered around nature and how people cope with everyday life by interacting with the natural world around us. (Click on the title if you are interested in finding out more about it on amazon.)

There was not a bad story in the lot. Each one kept me wanting more, and as I finished a story, I was wondering how could the next story be any better.

Check out this cover. It's amazing!