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Gallery of Rugs


This rug is a design by George Kahnle of Victory Mills, New York. The rug was done in an 8-cut on a foundation of monk's cloth. Dick LaBarge color-planned this rug with me.

This small rug is the first rug I ever sold. It was based on a Hallmark card design. I often wish that I had kept it.

I wish I kept better records of where I got patterns. I bought this pattern from a woman online. The pattern was drawn on burlap and hooked up quite easily. I love looking at old tombstones and the incredible artwork that can be found on them.

This rug (sorry the photo is not great) was a quick piece I did at Halloween time. I had just finished American Cigar and I wanted to work on a small project. The colors are actually more vibrant.

I bought this pattern at the Dorr Mill Store in 1995, and began to hook it soon after. Dick LaBarge worked with me on the color planning, and helped me dye the wool. We worked hard to get the green the correct shade. It is done in 3- and 4-cut strips and took almost a year to complete. This rug has special meaning to me as it is the last rug of my mine my mother saw. I completed the binding in her hospital room.

I completed this rug in 2008. It is my own design. Hooked in 6- and 8-cut strips, I dyed all the wool for this rug and color-planned it myself. I had a great time seeing the pears take shape.

This primitive rug of a crow on a pumpkin was the second rug I sold. It was my own design, and again I dyed all the wool for this. A cute little pattern.

This rug is one of my favorite rug patterns. It was designed by my sister, Marian Ross, along with several other Santa designs.

I was helped with color planning by my teacher Dick LaBarge of Victory Mills, NY. Together, we chose what I think is the perfect coloring for Santa. His beard was the most fun to do, and I particularly like his face. I was lucky enough to have this rug pictured in Rug Hooking Magazine as part of a story on Christmas patterns.

The star rug pattern was designed by Barb Carroll. I began work on it in 2003 during a workshop held in Kinderhook, NY that was taught by Barb. What a fun pattern! I was amazed at how much I got done during the two-day event.

I learned so much while doing this rug! This was my first attempt at shading a flower. I was helped by fellow hooker, Millie Shaw, whose shaded rugs area sight to behold. She was so patient with me, and walked me through all the techniques needed to shade the flower in this rug. Teacher Dick LaBarge came up with the stained glass effect for the border and the leaves.

I have blogged about this rug in other posts, but will explain again how this rug came about. Gene Shepherd offered to host a blog rug challenge. Each participant would hook a variation on a free pattern that appeared in Rug Hooking Magazine. This is my version! Gene used this challenge as a topice for an article to appear in Rug Hooking. I've been told my rug will be pictured in the article!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rug Hooking Events

New York State Sheep and Wool Festival
October 17 & 18, 2009
Dutchess County Fairgrounds
Rhinebeck, New York
For more information, visit

Brandywine Guild Hook-in
October 24, 2009
Watertown, Pennsylvania

Grenfell Workshop
October 27 & 28, 2009

Oakside in Bloomfield, New Jersey
ecture by Paula Laverty, author of Silk Stocking Mats.

Fraktur Hooked Rug Exhibit
November 11, 2009 to April 10, 2010
Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center
Pennsburg, Pennsylvania

Hooked in the Mountains Rug Show
November 15, 2009
Round Barn, Shelburne Museum
Shelburne, Vermont
10:00 a.m.–5:00 daily
until 3:00 p.m. on November 15

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Interesting Links and Other Items of Interest

Harry M. Fraser and Co.
Manufacturers of cloth cutting/slitting machines and complete rug hooking and rug braiding supplies.

Honey Doo Cutters

The Dye is Cast
A Dyer's Handbook of formulas and methods using mostly ProChem dyes. Contact for more information.

The Dye is Cast Again
Second in a series of formulas and dye methods using mostly ProChem dyes. Contact for more information.

Jewel Tones
Carolyn Clemens

156 Wedgewood Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2B 3G4

Uses ProChem dyes

Primary Fusion
Ingrid Hieronimus
RR#2, Petersburg, Ontario, Canada N0B 2H0

Uses ProChem dyes

Prisms I, II, and III
Nancy MacLennan and Claire de Roos
Available at the Dorr Mill Store
, these books use ProChem dyes.

Recipes from the Dye Kitchen
Mary Anne Lincoln
Uses both Cushing and ProChem dyes.

Pro Chemical and Dye Company
Supplier of Pro Wash Fast Acid Dyes

W. Cushing and Company
The source for Cushing's Perfection Dyes

The association of traditional hooking artists

The Brandywine Rug Hooking Guild
A chapter of ATHA (southeastern Pennsylvania)

International Guild of Handhooking Rug Makers

Ontario Hooking Craft Guild

The Woolwrights
A chapter of ATHA (Leola, Pennsylvania)

Rug Hooking Magazine

Dorr Mill Store
"The Dorr Mill Store is a truly national center for wool and has had manufactured an extensive line of 100% wool for the time-honored crafts of traditional rug hooking, braiding and quilting."

Rug Hooker's Network
Online resource for tradional rug hookers