Friday, March 20, 2015

Some projects are finished!

One of my plans for 2015 has been to work on some lingering projects and get them finished. So here goes.

This pair of socks made with opal yarn has been in the works since the fall. I find socks easy to make and also easy to put down and pick up when the spirit moves me. Some how they got left in a basket for a bit, but now they are finally finished.

Love the colors in this yarn!

Next I got to work on finishing my African Bird embroidery. I purchased this pattern from Leora Raikin at African Folklore Embroidery. This project really got me into different embroidery stitches, choosing thread, and finally, quilting the frame. Love the results.

Now, where to hang it. Running out of wall space!

This next project was actually finished in a short amount of time. I wanted to submit a piece to the plein air hooking group I belong to, so I thought about how to accomplish that in the winter. Too cold to sit outside to hook, so I bundled up, took my sketchpad and sat on my deck steps. The shadows and drifts were beautiful, especially with the sun shining. So, armed with colored pencils, I did some sketches, mapped out a plan, and went back inside. Next, I drew my pattern on a small piece of Scottish burlap that I had left over. I took that, some strips and yarn I picked out and sat next to our patio door. Here is the result.

I have found myself using more and more yarn in my hooking. I love the three-dimensional feel it gives to a piece.

Finally, and I mean finally(!), I finished up my weaving project. I had set up my loom in October with a cotton thread to weave washcloths which I planned on giving away for Christmas. Needless to say, that didn't happen. The weaving was completed last week, and yesterday I got each washcloth hemmed and ready for use. Here is a photo.

These washcloths were woven on a four-shaft loom using 100% cotton.

So, there you have it. Now back to hooking a rather large rug that I'd love to have completed within the next two months. In the meantime, a new knitting pattern is in the works, and I've begun work on a t-shirt quilt for my niece.

Hope you are making progress on all your endeavors!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Just got back from a long weekend in Boston. My niece plays competitive volleyball, so we all packed up to go see her play in the huge convention center by the seaport. Can't even guess at the number of players there. It was a New England regional competition.

Here is the arena before play started. This photo doesn't show the full number of courts!

Took this photo of the Boston skyline at dusk. Just beautiful.

This is a photo of one of the snow farms where the city of Boston is dumping their "excess" snow.  Believe the photos you've seen. The snowbanks in Boston are HIGH!!

Took a quick trip to the New England Aquarium before settling in for a fun evening of volleyball and seafood. What a great place to visit -- even in the winter!

Here are two new colors of wool I listed today on Ebay: Turquoise Jewel and Raking Leaves.