Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sheep and Wool Festival 2011

We visited the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, New York on Saturday. A blustery day did not keep the faithful from this wonderful show. As we approached the fairgrounds where the festival is held, traffic slowed to a crawl, and we found ourselves moving a mile in 25 minutes! No matter, the show was well worth it!

Here are some photos I took as I moved through the crowd.

This rug and the following rug were both for sale. Very large rugs with beautiful coloring.

Lots and lots and lots of yarn to photograph, but I concentrated on the finished items. Here are some pretty knitted hats for sale.

Heavens to Betsy's booth is pictured next. It was so crowded, I really couldn't get a good look around.

Next is another rug hooker's booth. Very crowded also. She had some lovely patterns for sale and was attracting a lot of interest.

I saw many booths with needle felting projects. The following photo shows some of the projects you could make from kits that were being sold.

I came upon the next rug in the building that was hosting some of the food vendors. I wondered why it was in this building, and found out it was for sale through a silent auction. Given my fascination with postage stamps, I had to really resist bidding on it.

I have several more photos to share. I'll post those tomorrow.

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Julia said...

Thanks for sharing those great pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing more rugs. I wish I could attend these Biannual shows, and be among other rug hookers,it's so much fun.