Thursday, July 28, 2011


Just listed this beautiful transcolor wool for sale on Ebay. It is called Tulips and was dyed using a transcolor method on top of the stove. Here's what I did:

Scrunched a piece of wet wool in very little water in a great big enamel pan that stretches over two burners of the stove. Mixed up three formulas. Starting with the lightest, I poured the formula over the top third of the wool. I repeated with the other formulas being sure not to create a line between formulas. Scrunched the wool well to get the dye into the peaks and valleys all the while trying not to allow the formulas to merge too much. A little blending is good!

Once that was finished, I added some water and simmered for about a half hour.

Et voila!

Here's the link to the Ebay auction if you are interested in this wool: tulips

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