Thursday, July 21, 2011

Like a dog with a bone!

Even though it's been terribly hot of late, I've been hooking like crazy! Can't seem to stop! I've made such progress on my New York Beauty rug, that I think it will be completed ahead of my projected schedule. I'm already thinking about my next project.

I've been inspired to do a landscape rug after reading Deanne Fitzpatrick's wonderful book, Inspired Rug Hooking. Normally, when I buy a book related to hooking, I browse the pictures and read the sections I'm interested in. But with this book, I read the entire book and enjoyed every minute of it. What great writing. By the time you're finished you have a good idea of what it takes for Fitzpatrick to create one of her "mats" as she calls them.

I decided to do a rug depicting my childhood home that is in more of a rural setting even though it sits in the middle of Saratoga Springs. There are lots of pines and grassy areas. With that in mind, I thought I'd use yarn to hook the rug. Went to the Webs Web site and purchased some yarn with lots of texture in shades I think will work well in this rug. I'll post a picture of the yarn in a later post.

If you are interested in reviewing Inspired Rug Hooking, here is the link:

By the way, I've decided to bind my New York Beauty rug with sleeves on the back for hanging. I sent Gene Shepherd a photo of the rug and mentioned my dilemma. He graciously posted the photo and my question on his blog. Overwhelming consensus was to bind and not frame. Check out Gene's blog at


debra said...

I'll be interested in seeing your progress on your new rug. I've been wanting to try a landscape and to use some of my handspun wool.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

I'm hoping to show step-by-step how I do the rug!