Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dye Workshop on Wednesday

Tomorrow I'm hosting the Loopy Ladies rug hooking group for a day of dyeing!! Can't wait to get into the dyepots. I figured out the formulas and colors I wanted to use last week, and this afternoon, I divided all the wool up for the various projects.

We're going to do: marbelizing, abrash, watercolor abrash, pancake dye, dip dye, and transcolor dyeing. I'm hoping we get to all the techniques I've mentioned, but a lot will depend on the time and weather. It's supposed to be a in the high 70s which will be so much better than the oppressive heat of last week. Here are some photos of my prep work.

This wool will be abrashed with a formula called Minerals. It uses 5 different textures/shades. One of my favorites.

The following two photos show wool that is going to be pancake dyed using two different formulas.

The rolls of wool in the next photo will be marbelized. I haven't bundled them up and tied them yet as I want the ladies to see how this is done.

The wool for the other methods are not pictured as the formulas use natural wool. I'll be taking photos of the dye day and the finished wool to post Thursday.

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