Monday, July 25, 2011

My House rug

While I put the finishing loops into the border of my New York Beauty rug, I also began working on my next project. I took several photos of my childhood home and from those photos started a design for my next rug.

Here's the photo I used for the starting point.

I created a document in Adobe Illustrator and placed this photo in the background layer. Cropped it a bit and zoomed in. After that I traced what I wanted using the pen tool. Really roughed it in, so a lot of the lines aren't as smooth as they will wind up being. I also removed the tree and the deck from the photo as they were not there when I lived in the house.

Here is the line drawing I got:

Next step trace with better lines and then scan the image. Once the image is scanned, I'll resize to 24" x 18".

Next posting will show you some of the materials I've gathered for this rug.

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