Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stamps as Inspiration for rugs

I love stamps! The artwork on stamps from around the world has come a long way. In particular, I collect U.S. stamps, although I never seem to find the time to properly catalog them. As I've learned more about stamps and the artists behind them, I've found myself imaging some of this artwork being turned into rugs—with or without the postage showing. I went to the USPS Web site in order to choose some of the stamps I think would make terrific rugs. And just think ... all the color choices have already been made!!

Here are a few of my favorites from this past year's stamps. Keep in mind this is just a tiny sampling of stamps that could be turned into rugs.

What terrific Christmas images with interesting borders!

Patriotic images always turn into great rugs.

What a great design to "celebrate" a special occasion.

I like this type of artwork in particular for rugs as you can see how you can delineate each shape with shading.

One of my faves, although getting that neon glow would require some special coloring planning and dyeing.

Just a few colors would turn this design into a fabulous rug.

These two images again lend themselves to rugs as the shading is already shown.

Another image that would work well in a rug design, although those roman numerals might pose a challenge!!

And finally, a very simple, yet powerful patriotic symbol.

Check out stamps as in inspiration in rug design and color planning. Haven't even scratched the surface of all that is out there.


Julia said...

So many posibilities, not enough time. Happy Spring. JB

Julia said...

I mean possibilities JB