Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking inside the rug hooking files

My idea book also contains pages of swatches with formulas and dye books noted. I wish I had kept up with this practice. Each entry contains lots of information.

After a while, I just ripped off a small section of a dyed yard and tied the swatches altogether. I do have copious notes on my formulas in a special notebook. Of course that always needs updating. A Microsoft Word file on my computer is perhaps the best organized of all. I try to work on that every six months or so. Like any hobby, organization is key. With rug hooking, there are dyeing notes, wool (dyed and undyed) to put on shelves, leftover strips, and compiling wool for projects. Takes a lot of work even before you pick up the hook!

Another thing that I have in my idea notebook are copies of posts from the online hooking group called padula. I'm not sure they are even around any more, but there was always wonderful information being shared. Here is a "Dye Day" post by Richard LaBarge.

As I was looking through my idea book, I realized just how many things inspire us. I have photographs of nature (in particular, flowers), greeting cards, magazine articles and photos, newspaper clippings, sketches, tracings, etc. All of these remind me of the saying people use when talking about books: "So many books, so little time." Alas, "so many pattern ideas, so little time." Doesn't hurt to dream!


Julia said...

I'm just starting dyeing my own wool and I need to get my dye recipes and color samples in a binder. I've got the recipes written in a small note book and my wool labeled but I still need to get it all in order. Thanks for the timely reminder.

I'm slowly doing April DeConick's Color Palette Challenge on Rug Hooking Daily but life gets so busy at times on the farm I wonder if I'll ever get it done.
Have a great week. JB

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

It's a good thing dyeing is so much fun. Sometimes I get so involved, I forget to write down what I'm doing. Good luck with the organization!