Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wool Dyeing Day

I'll be in the dyepots today preparing for a big sale on It's very dreary out, so this is a perfect day to dye up some of the colors I've run short on. Also hope to experiment with some new formulas utilizing the new ProChem colors.

The more I dye wool, the more I realize just how important the mineral content is in your water. Our water comes from the city, and as Saratoga Springs is well-know for its mineral springs, the water is very "hard" here. Over the years, I've developed many formulas, and, on occasion, I've found that the color varies on some of them. For instance, I've got a green formula that I love. When I first came up with the formula, it was a definite muted sage green. Now the formula is more brown and green. Since the formula has not changed, I have to assume it's the water. Who knows what chemicals are added to our city water and whether the mineral content is varied. I believe it's the mineral content as the "rust" would definitely muddy up a green shade.

So, it's always interesting to dye wool here. 95% of the formulas turn out the same way time after time. But, there are always those few that keep you guessing!

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