Friday, April 17, 2009

Eventful Week

It has been one of those weeks! My husband and I were in car accident on Monday. Although we weren't seriously hurt, we did suffer some bumps and bruises, and our van was totaled. Our two cats were in the car with us, as we were on the way to the vet. Frank was not hurt, but Madeleine bit her lip which got infected, so back to the vet we went.

The sale is going well, and continues on til Sunday. I've got some dyeing to do on Monday, and then hopefully out to the yard to clean the gardens up. It feels so good to be in the sunshine!

Linda Beland sent this photo of her completed Easter rug. As always, her work is great!

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Robin said...

Glad you weren't seriously hurt! I did a horrifying 360 once on ice and had a cat in the car. When we got home, I had to peel him off the car's carpet! Scared him to death! Love the Easter egg rug!