Sunday, June 28, 2015

Back from the Ocean

Left last Wednesday for a whirlwind trip to Massachusetts to visit colleges, stop at the ocean, and eat lobster!

My niece is going to be a Senior in high school this coming fall, so we accompanied her and her father on three college visits. First stop was Stonehill College south of Boston. Loved the campus, the tour guides and the location.

Left there, and craving lobster, we headed north of Boston to Rockport. The lobster roll was delicious, scenery beautiful, and the weather spot on!

Sadly, we left Rockport, but gladly, our next destination was Newburyport, MA. Newburyport and neighboring Plum Island are two of my favorite places in the world. Plum Island is home to the Parker Wildlife Refuge where we bird every time we visit. The weather was beautiful, and we were able to walk the beach on Plum Island and at nearby Salisbury. Took some time to visit the shops in Newburyport and eat lobster at Bob Lobster.

Parker Wildlife Refuge is a great federal preserve where you can see all kinds of shore birds. We took lots of pictures, walked some trails, got eaten alive by mosquitos (!), and saw some incredible birds. The highlight was watching an osprey circle a pond and then drop down and scoop a fish. We got some great photos.

Just amazing to see!

Lots of other birds in attendance: willets, purple martins, great egret, snowy egret, double-crested cormorant, along with cedar waxwings, tree swallows, gulls, killdeer, and some warblers.

After a lovely day at the ocean, we left the next morning to tour Worcester Polytech and Assumption College. So far, the clear winner is Assumption. Time will tell!

A great trip!!

Hope you are enjoying this start to summer as much as I am. Here is the rug I am working on. Of course, there is a bird on it!

Happy hooking, and be sure to visit my Etsy shop:


newburyarts said...

*****as a resident of of the 1730 sea captain's homes...happy that you enjoyed your visit! as for lobster rolls...well, next time you are here on the
north shore...head up to cape porpoise, maine...just next door to kennebunkport and
there you will have the best lobster rolls from points north of boston to portland!
stonehill is great...i went to notre dame and this is our sister school here in the
east...good luck with the decision process!!! good hooking this summer!!!

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Thanks for your comment! My family has been coming up to the Newburyport/Plum Island area for the last three years, and love it! Bob Lobster is always a favorite stop, but I'll be sure to try Cape Porpoise next time we are up that way. Stonehill and Assumption are both sister colleges with Notre Dame which is why my niece is looking at them. Hope she chooses one of them and doesn't opt to go to a school in Western New York. Any reason to visit the Massachusetts coastline is great for me!