Friday, July 31, 2015

Loopy Ladies Shine

My rug hooking group is a very talented bunch! Here are some of the rugs they are working on or have finished.

Carolyn's rug is a design she created for a challenge we are doing. You must have two trees, a house, and an animal.

This is Maryann's rug for the challenge. She has worked in the story of her faith. Just beautiful!

Jo is making mug rugs for a future fundraiser at the Senior Center where we hook.

This rug by Mary O. is nearly finished. It was part of a challenge at Jule Marie Smith's class.

This is Jilly's rug. She is fretting about the background, but I love it!

Mary F.'s spectacular rug which will live in her Florida winter home.

The two rugs pictured above are Sharon's. The owl was started in a class featuring specialty hooking techniques.

These two rugs shown above are hooked by Cenzi. Love the whale!

 I am pretty sure that this is Sue's mermaid rug. She hooks flags in to many of her designs.

Mary Lee's rug is amazing! She began hooking it at Green Mountain rug camp. The second photos shows some of the wool she dyed in a workshop there. The piece she is holding is being worked into the rug.

These women are true artists!


Mary Osielski said...

Great to see all those familiar rugs. We are indeed a productive bunch! Thanks for showcasing a fun group of hookers!

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

I love that you keep up with my blog! I wish I could write more often!

acorn hollow said...

There is some talent there for sure. My guild starts up again in Sept I need shot of creativity it is has been a slow summer for me.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

We hook throughout the summer. Luckily, the Senior Center is usually cool!