Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Framed Rug is Finished!

Picked up my "Saratoga" rug from the frame shop on Saturday, and overall, I'm pleased with the results. Here is a photo:

A good tip if you are thinking of framing a rug: Be as careful as possible when steaming to square off your corners. Diagonal corner to corner measurements should be the same. Although my hooking was straight, the "give" in the burlap caused the measurements to be off. Luckily the framer was able to stretch it. But, as you can see, it is slanted a bit, although not as much as the photo shows. I fooled around with the rotation tool in photoshop, which caused a bit of the distortion.

Keep in mind also, that framing is an expensive finishing option. Given where I want to hang it, framing was the best option.


Orange Sink said...

Your rug looks great framed! A nice way to preserve it too! Cathy G

SDQuilter said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am doing great, I may lose battles but I refuse to lose the war. A lot of the wool you saw on the table, and what I left in my stash for applique, is yours. Thank you for your consistantly beautiful and high quality wools. You have a devoted fan in me.!!