Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Dye is Cast dye formula booklet

I have had some requests lately for my first dye booklet, The Dye is Cast. It has been out of print for a few years, but recently I've begun selling a .pdf file that can be opened up in a variety of programs: Adobe Reader, Preview, Acrobat, etc.

The Dye is Cast is a collection of 60 formulas that use the following methods: overdye, abrash, and spot dye. When you purchase the .pdf file, you will receive a second file that shows photos of the colors you can produce using the formulas. You must print the dye booklet yourself on your own printer.

Purchasing the dye booklet in this manner saves me printing costs and you s/h charges. If you are interested in purchasing this booklet, the cost is $10.00. Please contact me at to arrange payment.

My second dye booklet, The Dye is Cast Again, is also available in .pdf format. Cost for the second booklet is $12.00. 58 formulas using overdye, abrash, spot dye, 2 gradation methods, and transcolor dyeing. If you wish to have a paper copy, the cost is $15.00 plus $2.25 s/h.


Anonymous said...

I am curious, what dyes have you used in this book? And can the formula's be "adapted" for other dyes?



Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Formulas primarily use ProChem with a few Cushing formulas. I think with a little tinkering you could use different dyes.