Monday, October 12, 2009

Did you ever notice?

Did you ever notice that when you are hooking a rug in an 8-cut, there always seems to be some small part of the rug that needs to be hooked in a smaller cut. You resist doing this as it will involve changing a cutter head. So, you forge ahead anyway with that large cut. You get the strips put in, and you realize that your hooking just looks horrible and the motif doesn't quite look like what it is supposed to be.

Now, having wasted time, you relent and get that small cutter head out. If you have a Rigby like me, you take it all apart, insert the new head, put it back together, and wish you had that Townsend cutter you've been hinting about to anyone who will listen.

While working on my Time Travel rug, I came to the clawed feet on the shelf that holds the clock. I was sure I could make this work in a 6-cut. I gave myself credit for not even attempting the 8-cut!! Alas, the 6-cut didn't cut it (excuse the pun!). So, out came the 3-cut head. And now, having hooked the claw foot, I can indeed tell it is a claw foot! Eureka! I learned something I should already have remembered!!! Here is a photo of the claw foot:

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ShabbySheep said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and including me in your prayers. Your woolens are beautiful!
Wooly hugs, Sheri