Friday, September 25, 2009

Hooker's Dilemma

O.K. Your basic hooker's dilemma. You've finished a rug. And now, what to do with all those stray strips, small pieces of wool, etc. HELP!

Here is my basket of wool leftover from my garden rug. What to do with all of this is my question. Do I separate the strips into colors for use in later rugs, pitch them (heaven, forbid!), give them away (does anybody really want this stuff?)????

I'm curious to know how others clean up from their latest projects. Pass on some words of wisdom!!!


Kim said...

A friend of mine who dyes her own wool had tried (with success) over-dying her spare "worms". It actually turned out really well. She went with a green dye, so they all come out a slightly different shade of green and they are perfect for adding a little texture to backgrounds, grass etc. Just a thought!

Corinne Burke said...

Kim's Right, I just overdye them

see my link on it

Crescent Lane Hooker said...

My rug hooking group has a big basket of worms that anyone can just dive into. It is somewhat a mess, but it is fun to go through when you need a little something to add to your rug. I go through my left overs, keep what I want and donate the rest. The new ones are so appreciative. Cynthia

SusanK said...

My first teacher also kept a basket of worms for students to use. Throw in your extras, take what you need. I also like to use the dark colors, especially reds to dye other wools. When doing a spot dye in a casserole pan throw in some worms and they will leave interesting color trails.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Great suggestions! I'm going to dye some of those "worms" this weekend! Thanks!