Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the dyepots

Here is a fun piece of wool I worked on recently. I modeled it after a picture of a national park I liked. I think it would be perfect for autumn leaves or autumn-inspired rugs. It measures 32.5" x 26" (1/2 yard) and is 100% Woolrich wool. I'm selling the half yard piece for $17.00 plus $3.50 s/h. If you are interested, let me know. I only have one piece. Please note that this piece is darker than pictured.

Here is a nice grouping of rusts that I think would make a terrific background.
Each set contains one piece of the wools above. Here are average measurements for each piece. I'll begin with the top two pieces and go down. 16.5" x 5"; 16.75" x 3.25"; 23" x 7"; 16.25" x 9.75"; and 17" x 8.25". I have four sets of this grouping. Each set sells for $9.50 plus s/h. A little over 1/4 yard of wool altogether.

I then have four sets of the bottom three pieces of wool in the photo above. These pieces measure in order from the top: 23.25" x 7.5"; 19.25" x 8.25"; and 16.5" x 8.25". These sets sell for $8.50 plus s/h. Around a quarter of a yard of wool.

The next piece of wool has become one of my favorites. The undyed version of this wool came from Dorr Mills and was a pattern of large yellow and orange squares with a black stripe running through it. I overdyed it with my Bay Colt formula, and this is the result. The wool is a bit darker than the photo depicts.

I have four quarter yard pieces for sale at $8.50 for each piece plus s/h.

And, finally, anything purchased on ecrater.com from my store from June 2–7 gets a 10% discount. Only applies to Ecrater sales and not on the wool pictured in this post.

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