Wednesday, May 6, 2009


First of all, I finished my rug for the challenge on Gene Shepard's blog. Here is a photo of my completed project. I'm very pleased with the results!

Now, I'm back to working on my garden rug. I'm nearly finished, having just the sky and flowers to finish up. I've mentioned this rug before and noted that this rug was begun in 1995! While working on the sky, I've noticed that the blue has faded. I'm going to pull out all of the sky and redo. Here are the choices for the sky:

Doesn't really look like much of a color difference, but the first (Heavenly Illusion) has bits of purple. The second is my favorite so far (Endless Sky). The third is made with teal, and I'm not sure I'll like it with the rest of the rug.

My other news is a wonderful flea market find. A nearby fair grounds hosts a flea market and antique show twice a year. We went this past weekend, and I found this great frame for hooking, with a rug attached! I wasn't sure I wanted to get it as I wondered where it was going to be stored, but in the end, I said what the heck and brought it home with me! Here's a photo of it.

It was a fun day at the show. Got some Saratoga postcards, racetrack souvenir glasses, some old jigsaw puzzles from the thirties, and an old TV guide with a cover story about Jackie Gleason for my husband.

Speaking of jigsaw puzzles (I'm a puzzle fanatic) ... I just ordered this great puzzle of a woman hooking a rug as a wedding gift. Here is a photo of it.

It caught my eye immediately, and I love the fact that even the binding tape is already on the rug! It is called the Wedding Gift, and I ordered it from 500 pieces ... can't wait to get it!!

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Val said...

Thanks for the puzzle link. It's the perfect gift for our rug group's Christmas gift exchange. One gift off the list. Yeah! :)