Friday, May 1, 2009

The Skeptic

Big excitement in our neighborhood. In 2005, a movie was filmed in Saratoga Springs called The Skeptic. The majority of the movie was shot in an old house known as the Batcheller Mansion which sits directly in front of our home. Also, my husband is a funeral director and provided the flowers and hearse for the cemetery scenes!!

Finally, after four years the movie is going to be released in a limited engagement. The movie stars Tim Daly, Tom Arnold, Edward Herrmann, and Robert Prosky. Yahoo movies describes the movie as follows:

Following the mysterious death of his aunt, power lawyer Bryan Becket moves into the elderly woman's purportedly haunted Victorian mansion. A die hard skeptic, he dismisses one eerie incident after another, until the haunting turns so personal and vicious, Becket's cool, unemotional veneer begins to unravel. Whispers in the night, things he sees in the darkness, clues of a horrible secret, turn our rationalist into a terrified and reluctant seeker. A seeker of a truth so unspeakable it could destroy him. And the mystery, always just out of reach down the darkened hall, is not fully revealed until the film's final moments. And even then, it leaves a tantalizing question.

Since we saw many of the outside scenes shot in the neighborhood, we are looking forward to seeing the movie which premieres in Albany, New York on May 8th. Not exactly a Hollywood opening, but big doings around here!

Here is the link to the trailer for this movie:

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