Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rugs in Progress

Here are two of the rugs I'm working on. The first is my "garden" rug which some of you have seen before. I've finally reached the sky! I'm also planning on a checkerboard border — colors to be determined.

The second project is a rug I'm working on
with a group from Gene Shepard's blog. It is a pattern adapted from Rug Hooking Magazine's December 2008 issue. That particular rug was a Christmas pattern. The version I'm hooking has been altered to a basket with flowers and a bird. Here is a photo of the pattern as of today.

The pattern is drawn on a piece of Belgium linen (an expensive foundation, but what the heck!). I'm using 5- and 6-cut wool. The blue background is my "Scary Night" formula overdyed with black. The brown in the basket is a new formula. The red in the bird is "Crimson Tide" and the inside of the flowers is "Venetian Gold." The green leaves are grads in Silver Gray Green shades. The blue leaves are a new, as yet unnamed color I dyed specifically for this rug.

Although I ripped the bird out three times (!), I'm pleased now with this red version. The breast of the bird is done in "Soft Swirl." If you are interested in seeing photos of any of these colors, let me know.

And now, for the photo of the rug 15 years in the making! Here is the Garden Rug that I'll finally be finishing after the Bird and Basket rug is complete. Although the picture doesn't show close-up detail, the rabbit's tail was done with a natural roving giving it a real puffiness about it.

Just to remind you, continue to send in your photos of completed projects. I can easily post them to my blog.

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Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Love your hooked rugs. The garden rus is breathtaking!
Your adapted basket pattern is coming along quite nicely. Thanks for sharing.