Monday, January 8, 2018

Working on a Whale

Since we purchased a home in Salem, MA to make it more convenient to visit my daughter and her family, I've been thinking about rugs to put in the new house. I added my sea village to the dining room, and am now working on a Polly Minick rug of a whale found in her book American Summer: Seaside Inspired Rugs and Quilts. Click on the image of the book below to go to Amazon. Surprisingly, the book is only $4.40!

Getting close to the finish, and I thought I'd post a photo. I'm working on the border and getting the sky done. I find myself taking it off the frame, putting it on the floor, giving it a critical eye, and ripping out some sections that don't work for me. Slowly, it's coming together. The eye still needs to be added. I'm going to use the same technique I used for the flag. The black area of the eye will be coiled around the yellow. The flag was a bit tough. I sewed the strips together and then attached to rug. Once the hooking surrounded the flag, the strips puffed up, and I had to steam it to get it to lay flat before the rug was even finished.

Here is a photo of the Sea Village rug that hangs in the house in Salem. It is a Karla Gerard design. I thought I had a finished photo, but this is close enough. What a fun rug this was to hook.


Tracey Allen said...

You have come so far with the Whale! I love it,can't wait to see it in person!

sue viall said...

Hi from sunny Florida, how are you ,
I have a third lady wanting to hook,
Not sure this will get to you

sue viall said...

Wow it went through, I lov your whale