Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Finished Rug (well, almost!)

I just finished up a small rug that I began in June. Our rug hooking group hosted Norma Batastini for a workshop to honor one of our member's 90th birthday. Norma presented a wonderful class on hooking this cityscape, giving us loads of ideas for skies and the buildings. She is a fabulous teacher!

I set the rug aside after class, returning to the rug I had been working on. Finally, one day recently, I thought -- finish that city landscape! I had great fun figuring out the sky, the buildings, and the water. Surprisingly, the water -- such a small strip -- gave me the greatest challenge. I'm drawn toward bright colors, but the overall feel of the rug was muted. So after four or five poor selections, I got out my piece of transparent red plastic (not sure what you call it). I covered the rug with the red plastic, and I immediately saw the problems with the colors I had chosen. The shrubs and dark water choices were blending together to create mud. Once I realized I needed to lighten the water, the colors became much easier to choose.

Here is the result. I still need to bind the rug, but I am very pleased with the results!

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