Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fiber Bowl

A few weeks ago, I got together with some fiber artists to construct a bowl made of all kinds of fiber: fleece, ribbon, cotton quilting fabric, angelina, silk, etc.

We laid our fiber out on a product called Badgemaster (a water soluble glue) in a few layers, and then pinned water soluble interfacing on top. Once the fibers were secured between the Badgemaster and the interfacing, the whole thing was machine quilted and pins removed.

Here is the interfacing side of the fiber sandwich.

This side shows the badgemaster side. You can see the quilting lines of thread.

At this point the "sandwich" was immersed in water for about 20 seconds. All that is left is the fiber and the glue. It was then formed over an upside down bowl. To make the bottom base, I used a round English Muffin cutter and secured a rubber band around it. From there, you have to wait about 24 hours.

These two photos show the fiber bowl after it was laid over the bowl to set.

And here is the finished product!

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