Friday, May 17, 2013

Pizza Party Hook-in

Lucky for the hookers of the Saratoga-Capital Region, one of our members has an outdoor bread oven. This past Wednesday she invited several groups to her farm for a hook-in and homemade pizza (dough homemade, too!) Although I failed to get a picture of the immense oven and log cabin lean-to covering, I did get several snaps of the rugs people were working on.

 Mary Jane's floral fine-cut. She is working with teacher Nancy Blood on this rug.

 Pat's finished floral primtive. She hand cuts all her wool!

 Mary Lee's primitive chicken.

 Sharon's four-season houses. She's hiding behind her rug!

 Sad to say, I'm not sure who's rug this is, but it's a beauty.

 Mary O's happy snowman.

Mary's Thomas the Train.

A fun time and a gracious hostess!

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