Monday, September 10, 2012


**** I have amended this post to include a photo (added at the bottom) that shows Winter Tracks (the background of my rug) along with natural yarn and yarn that was dyed when Winter Tracks was dyed. These three fibers are used in my background along with some stray bits of greens and camels.

Progress is a great word! You can pull a few loops, and it's progress. Or you pull a hundred loops, and it's still progress. Well, I've made progress!!

Here is the latest photo of my rug based on a cemetery stone I saw in the Vatican Museums. It's coming along just fine, and I love mixing a bit of slub yarn here in there to add texture. I dyed some of the yarn using my Winter Tracks formula and it really adds to it.

I took the photo outside which is why you see some areas of sunshine.

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Julia said...

It's looking beautiful and I love that background color. Could you post a picture of the wool swatch called Winter Tracks? JB