Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color photos

I have such a difficult time taking pictures of my wool to put up for sale online. I've been experimenting lately with photos taken inside versus photos taken outside in the shade. I have found that my shade photos are the most realistic in terms of color. I have also discovered that a photo taken straight on (not angling the camera) also helps. I try not to think about the myriad ways that computer monitors can then interpret that color!

Taking a photo of a piece of red wool has proven to be the most challenging. Sometimes the red is garish with highlighted areas looking "psychedelic" they are so bright. I took this picture outside yesterday of a red dyed wool I call Fireball. All in all,  I was pleased with the results. I think by being outside, the flash doesn't go off, keeping the colors as realistic as possible. I'm sure I could purchase an expensive digital camera and get great results, but right now, my inexpensive Samsung seems to work well under outdoor conditions.

Here are some red strips I also photographed outside. My inside shot was a big blur of red. This one came out much better.

One thing I found helps, especially with the red shades is using a higher output resolution. The files are a lot larger, but the detail is better. Fireball was dyed over a goldenrod yellow, and I can see that the photo showed some of that color peeking through.

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