Friday, January 13, 2012

The Worms are Married!

As per Julia's suggestion, I took the worms I had gathered from my projects over the years, divided them into two piles. One pile was greens, yellows, browns, and the other had reds, purples, blues. Took the green pile and overdyed them with a blue-green formula. Unfortunately, forgot to take the "before" picture. Here, however, is the "after" photo.

The purple/red mix was overdyed with my Scary Night formula. This is a photo of Scary Night overdyed on natural.

The worms are in the dryer right now, hopefully not clogging things up! They came out in great shades of purples and blues.

Got a lot of wool and binding tape listed on Ebay. Click on the link on the right hand side of the blog to view the auctions.


Julia said...

Congratulations, that was quite a quick wedding. I love marrying wool , even worms. They seem to go well together. Thanks for posting a photo.

How did they came out of the dryer? I have a wood stove and I just dry them on plastic hangers hanging from the ceiling like a mobile. They dry fast and they don't fray.

I hope that you'll post a photo when you use them. I have tons of wool worms too to marry. JB

camp and cottage living said...

The colors are beautiful!
Habe you ever thought of weaving them into a rug. I made one with
wool scraps from a sweater and have used it for 8 years now. It washes and dries wonderfully.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Using the dryer was a bit of a hassle, and it took a while, but all in all, I love them. I will definitely post a photo after I use them. I'm already plotting what I can use them for!

Not sure about weaving!!! I've got so many hobbies now, I can't imagine trying something new. I use to see someone else's project and think, "I can do that." Don't want to think about the number of times it turned into a disaster!!!

Julia said...

I'm glad that you are happy with your married worms. lets hope that they won't multiply now, he he he.

You're like me in wanting to try everything. I've got the
"I can do that " disease too and have too many interests. JB