Friday, October 22, 2010


I have finally completed my Silent Night Rug. It has been hooked, bound, had binding tape sewn down, and had label applied!!

This is a gift for my new grandson, due to arrive in about three weeks. I've changed the name to "An Angel to Watch Over You." Got kind of creative with the label for the back of the rug. I traced my hand onto a piece of natural wool and then cut out two different-sized hearts. Using the blanket stitch, I sewed it onto the back of the rug. Used a silver fabric pen to write on the heart. All in all, I'm quite pleased with the results. Now, we just need the new baby to arrive.

Baby shower is a week from Saturday. Looking forward to seeing family and friends. I sewed up some table runners (picture shows them folded in half) for the party, and I'll use balloons in green, orange, and blue for the centerpiece. Can't wait.


Kim said...

The finished rug is beautiful. I just love the way you did the label.

Julia said...

I love your angel rug and your grand son is a lucky baby to receive such a nice present from grandma. I like the creative label. You have three weeks to wait for your grandson and I have three months waiting for mine. JB

Orange Sink said...

That is the cutest way I've ever seen to label a rug! What a beautiful way to welcome the new baby! Your rug is just fantastic!
Cathy G

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Thanks for all your nice comments. I had a lot of fun working on this rug, and experimented with yarn for the first time.

Julia -- the time will fly by. Congratulations!

Joanna said...

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