Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wedding date gets closer

Come September, my son is getting married. Where has the time gone? Hard to believe he is old enough to be out on his own and taking a wife!! He arrived home from Las Vegas on the 11th after placing 884 out of 7000. Although he did not finish in the money, we were proud of him getting as far as he did. Now, back to his regular job!

My daughter and I are hosting a bridal shower this weekend for his fiancé Stephanie. Favors have been purchased, games planned, and all my favorite people will be there to celebrate. For once, I don't have to worry about the weather.

Haven't had much time to hook as this last week seems to have been devoted to invitations, menus, flowers, and schedules. It has been fun though, and we are looking forward to a wonderful day come this September.

My husband and I are off to Boston next week to visit my daughter and see her new apartment. Hope to visit the aquarium while we are there and also stop in at the Old North Church where Paul Revere began his ride during the Revolutionary War. We'll top that off with a dinner in the North End, famous for its Italian restaurants.

Then back home to Saratoga. The thoroughbred racetrack opens on Wednesday, the 29th of July for its 146th season (I think! The track was closed during WWII for two seasons.) We so look forward to the horses coming to town. My husband and I are both lucky to have backstretch passes that allow us seeing the goings on behind the scenes.

Hope to post more soon about my garden rug.

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