Friday, July 10, 2009

Garden Rug Update #2

Well, the original garden rug pattern is finally done! 14 years in the making! I could leave it the way it is, but I want to add a border. I'm also going to add the words "Dad's Garden" to the top of it. My father was a master vegetable gardener, and I'd like this rug to pay homage to that fact.

I fiddled around in Adobe Illustrator trying out different type fonts. I was able to print out, to size, the words. Illustrator allowed me to take the original font and "fatten" up the letters. Unfortunately, I am unable to show the lettering.

Will post a picture as soon as I get started on the border and the lettering.

World Series of Poker update: my son is still playing! If he makes it through Saturday, he'll win at least $21,000!!!

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