Sunday, February 26, 2017

Books, Books and More Books

Here is part of my latest book haul. I buy way too many books, but I just love to read. I also love watching booktube, a part of YouTube where people discuss the books they read, buy, love and hate. Lots of great discussion and easy to listen to while rug hooking.

So, my latest acquisitions:

This bunch was mostly recommended by booktubers, although East of Eden was on my radar for a long time. I have read that, but the others pictured above are still waiting.

Had to have Baking with Mary Berry I'm a big fan of the "Great British Baking Show," and I also watch the American version. Who doesn't need another baking book?!?!?

The Natural World was a Christmas gift from my daughter. She selected it from my Amazon wish list. An absolutely beautiful book with amazing illustrations. My grandson loves this one and is trying to get me to give him the dust jacket as the inside of it is a full length poster. So far, I've kept it! The other book, the classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a book I got my grandson for Christmas. We are reading it together. It's been many years since I read this book, and I am enjoying it as much as he is.

These are the first two illustrated versions of the Harry Potter series. I do have the hardcovers, but these were too special not to have. I want to reread all seven books, and hope to do so using the illustrated copies.

I have purchased other books in the last month. Will try to mention those in a future post. I also purchased another new rug hooking book, which I plan on doing a separate review of.

Please check out booktube! It's wonderful. If you need recommendations of some good channels, feel free to ask.


3millplainrd said...

Cold Comfort Farm was also a really good movie. If you haven't seen it, it is worth finding. I didn't know there was a Booktube. I watch Flosstube all the time. I also love the book reviews on Dian Rehm's NPR, but she just retired. That Secret Keeper looks interesting. I love a good book.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Thanks for letting me know about the movie. I didn't know that. Flosstube is a new one on me, too. I love stitching, so I'll check it out.
I use to listen to Rehm's once in a while, and I heard that she retired.
There are so many good books out there, I never know where to start!