Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The past week has been a busy one! I did get some rest and relaxation in on Sunday. Finished two books and have started a new one today. Reading something a little lighter - The Gift by Cecilia Ahern. I have read many of this Irish writer's books and have always enjoyed them. Seems fitting to be reading a book by an Irish author after having just returned from a trip to Ireland.

Everything you hear about the "greens" in Ireland is true. God must have deposited every green color in the spectrum in this beautiful island nation!

Cliffs of Moher


Near the Torc Waterfall

Sheep at the Kerry Woolen Mills

Bird of the Week

I saw a wonderful bird at my sister's farm in Galway on Friday. I had my trusty bird book with me, so I made fast work in identifying it. Just gorgeous!

The Black-throated Blue Warbler

My brother and I continued our exploration of the Skidmore North Woods trail system today. Hiked for about two hours. Saw a red-bellied woodpecker, red-winged blackbird, a rose-breasted grosbeak along with all the usual suspects. With a slight breeze blowing, the hike wasn't too hot considering the 80° temperatures.

An interesting branch formation seen here from a downed tree. Looks like it has been trimmed a bit.

I call this my Hobbit Hole picture! Don't you just wonder what lives in there?

Crafty Things

I continue the binding on my tree and bird rug. Although I had steamed it before starting the binding, it is curling quite a bit. Will have to steam again!

I am also in the process of drawing a new rug. We are having a challenge in our rug hooking group. Everyone is doing a rug of their own design that has to have the same elements: two trees, an animal, and a house. As soon as I'm doing transferring the design to the monk's cloth, I'll get a picture and post next time.

My loom at the weaving studio is warped and ready to go. Tomorrow is our last class, but I'll be able to go in during the next few weeks to finish my placemats. It's a tough place to hang out in the summer, as there is no AC, but hopefully they won't take too long to weave.

One final project which I hope to continue on this week is my niece's T-shirt quilt. My brother and niece lost their wife/mother this past December. My sister-in-law asked me to put this quilt together for her daughter as a remembrance of the events they both participated in while she was growing up. She is just 17, and I am hoping this will comfort her to remember the special times with her mom and also to know that her mother picked out all the shirts for the quilt.

Have a lovely week ahead.

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Wow.... looks close enough to stroke some soft feathers ...