Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Horses and Wool

Yesterday, the Saratoga Yearling Sales got underway at the Humphrey S. Finney Pavilion in Saratoga Springs. Held ever August, the sales attract thoroughbred horse owners from all over the world. Although we were not in the market for a horse, we did take the opportunity to walk around and watch the potential buyers viewing the yearlings. So where does the wool part come in, you ask?

This horse reminds me of the wool Bay Colt:

And the flowers and leaves:

Tomato Red
Bamboo Green

Here is the inside of the pavilion where all the bidding takes place.

Just up in the corner of this next picture, I see Endless Sky.

 Here was my favorite horse. I'm a sucker for the silver ones!

Although this wool is called Gray Squirrel, it would work well as the coloring in this horse.


Orange Sink said...

Fabulous colors! Love where your inspiration was drawn from! The horses are beauties!!
Cathy G

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

They are lovely indeed and so big in person!! Love to go watch them.

Sarah said...

Oh, how I miss my visits to Saratoga Springs! Thanks for the tour. Your colors are luscious!