Monday, June 18, 2012

Studio space

Help! We are overflowing with wool! It is in all the closets, on the shelves, in baskets, downstairs, in cabinets. I think you get the picture. My husband has agreed that a studio space is in order and since we have a great big room downstairs not really being used, I'm starting to get ideas! The following pictures were ones I found surfing the Web. I love these shelves. I can see all different colors in the cubbies. Of course the lower shelves would need some height to store the bolts.

Love the table in this next photo. Lay out your colors and plan a rug!

This next room needs to be filled up. A rug hooker would know what to do with this extra space!

Off to the ocean next week. Hooking is going with me! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful start to the summer season.


Robin said...

Wouldn't have a bit a problem filling up that space! Looks wonderful!!

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

I think all crafters are pack rats!!