Monday, March 19, 2012

My Books Are Organized!

I recently spent quite a bit of time reorganizing and weeding out my book collection. I admit to being addicted to books. Thank God, I have started buying some books for the Kindle! Anyway, I decided I needed to work on better organizing and displaying my books. I have book shelves all over the house, but felt the fiction needed to be consolidated and shelved in alphabetical order using author's last name. So, it took a while, but at last the books are in order and also listed on my Ipad. (I have a bad habit of buying books I already own!)

Here's where the fiction starts:

It then continues onto a full bookshelf.

Then up on top of a dresser.

From there we move down to the rec room where the rest of the fiction resides (along with some of the children's books.)

Some of the series children's books are here:

Next, in another bedroom are the decorating books, some history, and some crafts. Notice the hooked rug in front of the shelves. I hooked that years ago in a 3- and 4-cut.

All the hooking and knitting books are here.

Here are the local Saratoga history books:

And finally, the least used shelf of cookbooks.

I know, way too much! I'd like to say it's my only vice, but I could get started on yarn and wool.


Julia said...

I have books all over the house and have duplicate too. Way too many books at my house also.
I find it hard to not pick up books when I find some that I like.

There are other vice that are worst, so accumulating books is OK by me. JB

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

I am sure there a millions of us out there!!