Friday, November 18, 2011

Great rug hooking book

I recently purchased A Lifetime of Rug-Hooking, a book about the rugs of Doris Eaton of Nova Scotia. I bought it through and wasn't sure what to expect as there was only a cover photo. But the cover photo alone made me want to see more, so I purchased the book. It is an amazing collection of an amazing artist.

At first I thought that Doris Eaton was just like any of us, an ordinary rug hooker. Not so. She is a trained artist, having attended the Massachusetts School of Art. These rugs are anything but ordinary. Each rug is pictured in color along with a description of the rug. What I really like about her rugs, besides the unique nature of them, is that they are different in the sense that they are not just primitive, or not just fine art florals. They are truly unique. She doesn't seem to be afraid to tackle any kind of design.

The introduction is written by Deanne Fitpatrick, who has a way with words and is always worth reading.

Tell your significant other to get you this for Christmas!


Julia said...

I met Doris Eaton at the Fiber Art Festival at the Oak Island Resort in Mahone Bay N.S. last April.
Her book is on my list. Thanks for the reminder. She a lovely lady. JB

Blue Turtle said...

I'm a late comers in hooking and this book and this blog is a good start. Thanks for sharing!

jeavon @ Interior Design Idea

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

I would love to meet her! She looks like a person to whom age does not matter!!

Blue Turtle: Good luck with the hooking!