Friday, June 24, 2011


I know this is a weird topic for a rug hooking blog, but I have to vent a bit. This week, I went for my routine (yearly) mammogram. Went and had the films done and returned home a few hours later to get a message from the doctor's office that they needed to get more films made. Of course, this makes your heart beat faster. However, this happens to me almost all the time. So, back I went two days later. Thankfully, all was well, but for those two days, I did nothing but worry. Why is it if you routinely have to have more films done, that they can't do it in one visit? I asked the technician this and she told me to have my doctor write the script that way the next time. She also said, "Don't say you heard this from me!" Is this because the imagining center can bill for two separate visits? Not sure, but it is very upsetting that women's fears are not taken into account when these tests are taken. Sorry for venting. It's been one of those weeks!!!


Julia said...

Sorry about all the worries as if it wasn't enough and a repeat visit a couple of days later. This is just a money making racket I think. Here I get a yearly mammogram and we are made to wait until they are certain that we either need a repeat mammogram or not before we are told to get dress to go home.

I'm glad that you were OK though. I know all about the uncertainty when I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer in 2002 just before Christmas. It didn't show on the mammogram but the lump could be seen. It was malignant, I had a radical mastectomy. I was even told that I would most probably die from it.

I hope that you have a relaxing weekend. JB

Linda said...

I hear you....and agree. Glad all is well.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, and I will have a relaxing weekend. Glad to hear Julia that you beat the odds. I hate to think that cancer is such a big business, but it probably is.

Kim said...

The same thing happens to me every time. And even though I am sure they are going to tell me its just cysts I still have the nagging doubt.
It is bad enough to get squished once a year, but twice in a week is not fun.

dulcy said...

I sooooo agree with you on this! I've had this done to me simply because the picture wasn't taken properly (I most likely wasn't positioned right... but, that isn't my fault). The worry is awful when this happens. Thanks so much for your comment to my bday post!

Tammy Burks said...

Next time, when you schedule your mammogram, make sure you check here first to see if the facility that is doing yours is accredited.
Hope this helps