Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I think I've found just about every rug hooking blog I'm going to find. I was surprised at the number of blogs out there that I had never heard of. So check out the final list in the previous post along with my sidebar of blogs to see who's out there writing about rug hooking.

Recently had to move my office/studio to a new location in the house. The good thing about it is that the light is much better, and I have a lot more space. The bad thing is that I have not kept up with the 10-minute challenge pledge. I'm telling myself to count in all those times I hooked for more than 10-minutes and use the extra minutes to cover this time of little hooking.

I've been doing a lot of knitting for my Prayer Shawl Ministry group. The name is deceiving as we do so much more than just prayer shawls. Currently, some of us are knitting blankets to be given to a new home for female veterans to come to and recover somewhat from combat. It is called Guardian House, and we are excited to be a part of this special endeavor. Here is a photo of the blanket I've just started. It's being done in strips with each block within the strip done in a different pattern and yarn color.

Obviously, I'm just beginning!! Knitting is so portable. I've been taking it everywhere with me lately. It's amazing how many times you find yourself waiting and wishing that you had something to do.

As soon as I finish the flower section of my angel rug, I'll post a photo.


Robin said...

I love the prayer shawls. Wrapping a handmade shawl around someone's shoulders is such a comfort. You have a great list of rug hooking sites. I can't wait to get my studio set up again in our new location.

Woolly Mammoth Woolens said...

Moving from one room to another wasn't too bad. Getting all the computer wires situated correctly proved to be the worst!

ShabbySheep said...

Bless you for knitting those prayer shawls. I received one in October after being diagnosed with breast cancer. I used it when I had chemo and could feel the love that was knitted into it!
xo, Sheri