Monday, January 4, 2010

Bought Myself a Christmas Gift!

After Christmas was over, I looked at my Paypal account and decided I could finally get that gift I've been wanting for a long time. I ordered a Townsend cutter!!! I'm so excited. I've been hooking a lot lately, and although my Rigby has worked well for me, it just doesn't give me an even cut all the time. I find some of my strips are too narrow, some too thick.

I bought my Rigby the year I attended the Green Mountain Rug School back in 1994. What an exciting purchase that was. I was a new hooker dabbling in both the primitive and fine cuts, and since the Rigby was being sold right at camp, I took the plunge and bought heads 3-8. (I think I bought it from Bob Armstrong who patiently showed me everything I needed to know!) I will continue to use it for the narrow cuts, but I'm looking forward to the Townsend for the 6- and 8-cut heads I purchased. Just got an email confirming that the Townsend will ship today!!!


April DeConick said...

You'll love it! I am really enjoying mine.

Corinne Burke said...

Townsend is the best for sure. I have a Fraser here at the house and taking the wheels on and off is a pain at times, but I bring my wool to mom's (or ask her to visit) as she has a Townsend to cut larger amounts.