Saturday, August 29, 2009

A few thoughts

In the past few days, I have spent a lot of time watching the coverage of the passing of Senator Kennedy. As people waited in line to enter the JFK Presidential Library for the public wake, the media would often interview people for their personal reflections. One woman spoke of how at age 60 she was so inspired by Kennedy that she joined the Peace Corps for the next eight years and what an incredible experience it was.

It got me thinking about our little world of rug hooking, not a craft as well known as knitting or crocheting. But, it is still something we are able to pass on to new generations, and I encourage us all to do this. Not only to keep this craft alive, but think of the wonderful life lessons that are also taught along the way. A sense of getting the job done, perseverance, of being proud of your accomplishments and the accomplishments of others, the gift of friendship, the joy of simply creating something that will live long after you. We need not do great deeds to make a difference in this world. Simply giving of ourselves by teaching our craft to others can accomplish so much. So find a young person and give them some strips of wool, a hook, and just a little bit of your time!

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Wendie Scott Davis said...

What a wonderful post! I think it is how we feel when we are at our best and most selfless and you have expressed it so well.

I know that teaching brings me real joy in my rug hooking and teaching beginners is always my favourite. They will only pull their first loop once - and it's so great to be part of that.

Kudos to you - and thanks for the nice comment on my page.